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Mission and Vision

Department of Mathematics aims to:
  • bring up qualified and self-confident professionals who possess the skills to make a difference both in the society and their professional lives through conducting research and following the latest trends in their fields,
  • provide theoretical instruction for those who would like to study mathematics at an advanced level in line with internationally recognized mathematics programs, deliver education considering the skills and interest areas of the students and expand employment opportunities for the graduates,
  • bring up qualified teachers for state and private schools and other educational institutions operating under the Ministry of Education of the Turkish Republic and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
  • equip the students with the skills to apply theoretical knowledge into practice through developing computer software and bring up qualified software designers for the informatics sector,
  • create the opportunity for the students to increase their expertise in specific areas of mathematics through the inclusion of the area electives into the program,
  • bring up qualified mathematicians and computer specialists demanded by different institutions or companies such as the country's or region's industry, the state institute of statistics and the state planning institute. 
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