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Minor Program For Business, Economics and Engineering


  • Flexibility in your future career.
  • Job opputunities and Job security.
  • Gain the valuable knowledge of the field of Mathematics inclusing knowledge about the applications of Mathematics to other fields.
  • Gain knowledge of applications of Mathematics to other fields.
  • Be able to perform basic computations from Calculus such as derivatives and integrals.
  • Be able to identify and apply the approperiate method to solve a specific mathematical problem.

 Curriculum for Business and Economics

  • MATH150 Calculus with precalculus OR MATH151 Calculus-1.
  • MATH163 Discerete Mathematics OR MATH324 Statistics.
  • MATH241 Linear Algebra and Differential Eduations.
  • MATH209 Real Analysis.
  • MATH252 Mathematical Methods for Engineers.
  • MATH337 Theory of Partial Differential Equations.

 Curriculum for Engineering

  • MATH106 Linear Algebra-1 OR MATH241 Linear Algebra and Differential Eduations.
  • MATH152 Calculus-11.
  • MATH206 Linear Algebra-11.
  • MATH209 Real Analysis.
  • MATH337 Theory of Partial Differential Equations.
  • AE1 Area Elective-1

How To Register

Visit mathematics department minor program advisorto assist you in selecting courses appropriate to your area of interest.

Rules and regulations

 Further infomration about the application procedures for minor programs may be obtained from the following link.

Minor Programs Rules and Regulations

Contact and further information

  • Minor Program Advisor:  Vide Chair of Mathematics Department
  • Email:
  • Phone: +90 (392) 630 12 27
  • Office:  AS252  
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