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PhD Graduates

Prepared byThesis TitleSupervisor
PHD,June 2019, EM
Grid Approximation of the Solution of Heat Conduction Equation
PHD,June 2019, EMU
Existence Results for Boundary Value Problems of Fractional Type Differential Equations
Dr. Nazım Mahmudov

PHD,June 2019, EMU
Stability, Existence and Uniqueness of Boundary Value Problems for a Coupled System of Fractional Differential Equations
Dr. Nazım Mahmudov
PHD,June 2019, EMU
Imputing Missing Values using Support Variables with Application to Barley Grain Yield
PHD,February 2019, EMU
Kalman Filtering under Wide Band Noises 
PHD,June 2018, EMU
Incomplete Pochhammer Ratios and Related Special Functions
PHD,June 2018, EMU
On An Alternative View to Complex Calculus
PHD,February  2018, EMU
Nonlinear Sequential and Non Sequential Fractional Differential Equations with Integral Boundary Conditions
Dr. Nazım Mahmudov

PHD,February  2018, EMU
On Impulsive Sequential Fractional Differential Equations (ISFDE’s)
Dr. Nazım Mahmudov

PHD, June 2017, EMU
Some Results on Laguerre Type and Mittag-Leffler Type Functions

Fractional Differential Equations with Fractional Boundary ConditionsDr. Nazım Mahmudov
54.PHD, June 2016, EMURAED YOUSEF 
Strategies to Fast Evaluation of Expression TreesDr. Benedek Nagy
53.PHD, June 2016, EMUHAMZEH ABDELHAMID  MUJAHED MUJAHEDGraph Indices on GridsDr. Benedek Nagy
52.PHD, June 2016, EMUHamid Mir MohammadHigh Order Accurate Approximation of the First and Pure Second Derivatives of the Laplace Equation on a Rectangle and a Rectangular ParallelepipedDr. Adıgüzel Dosiyev
51.PHD, June 2016, EMUMani MehraeiExploiting Hybrid Functional Petri Nets to Investigate Transcriptional Activity of Hemoglobin SwitchingDr. Rza Bashirov
50.PHD, February 2016, EMUMohammad MomenzadehA Study on A New Class of q-Bernoulli, q-Euler and q-Genocchi PolynomialsDr. Nazım Mahmudov
49.PHD, February 2016, EMU Nimet İlke AkçayPetri Net-Based Quantitative Modeling and Validation of p16-Mediated Signaling PathwayDr. Rza Bashirov
48.PHD, February 2016, EMUSinem UnulExistence of Solutions of Fractional Differential EquationsDr. Nazım Mahmudov
47.PHD, July 2015, EMUMarzieh Eini Keleshteri Comprehensive Study On The Class Of q-Appell Polynomials Dr. Nazım Mahmudov
46.PHD, June 2015, EMUNoushin GhahramanlouPartial Approximate Controllability of Semilinear Control SystemsDr. Agamirza Bashirov
45.PHD, June 2015, EMUBuğçe EminağaBigeometric Taylor Theorem and its Application to the Numerical Solution of Bigeometric Differential EquationsDr. Mustafa Rıza
44.PHD, June 2015, EMUHatice AktöreNumerical Approximation Methods using Multiplicative CalculusDr. Mustafa Rıza
43.PHD, June 2015, EMURıfaat ZAIDAN KHALAFQuantum Encryption Algorithm Based on Modified BB84 and Authentication DH Algorithm Dr. Mustafa Rıza
42.PHD, June 2015, EMUDerar ATALLAH TALAL MRAIZIQComputation and Reasoning with Z-NumbersDr. Rashad Aliyev
41.PHD, February 2015, EMUEmine ÇelikerThe Block-Hexagonal Grid Method for Laplace’s Equation with SingularitiesDr. Adıgüzel Dosiyev
40.PHD, September 2015, EMUTuba VediApproximation Properties of Schurer Type q-Bernstein Operators Dr. Mehmet Ali Özarslan
39.PHD, February 2015, EMU
Afet Öneren
q-Polynomials and Location of Their ZerosDr. Nazım Mahmudov
38.PHD, June 2014, EMUMaher JneidPartial Complete Controllability of Semilinear Control SystemsDr. Agamirza Bashirov
37.PHD, February 2014, EMU
Banu Yılmaz
Some Properties of Appell PolynomialsDr. Mehmet Ali Özarslan
36.PHD, June 2013, EMU
Övgü Çıdar İyikal
Smoothing Based on Stretched Interpolated Moving Average ApproachDr. Yücel Tandoğdu
35.PHD, February 2013, EMU
Mustafa Kara
Approximation by Kantorovich Type OperatorsDr. Nazım Mahmudov
34.PHD, February 2013, EMU
Halil Gezer
:Equistatistical ConvergenceDr. Hüseyin Aktuğlu
33.PHD, February 2013, EMUMahmoud Jafari  SahahbelOn Continued FractionsDr. Agamirza Bashirov
32.PHD, June 2012, EMUFatma RızanerDynamic of a Single Species under Periodic Habitat Fluctuation and Allee EffectsDr. Svitlana Rogovchenko
31.PHD, June 2012, EMUErsin Kuset BodurFuzzy Utility based Decision Analysis in the Credit Scoring ProblemDr. Rashad Aliyev
30.PHD, February 2011, EMUTolgay KaranfillerExploiting Petri Nets to Reduce Switch Crosstalk and Path Dependent Loss in Optical Interconnection NetworksDr. Rza Bashirov
29.PHD, June 2011, EMUHavva KaffaoğluSzasz and Philips Operators Based on Q-integresDr. Nazım Mahmudov
28.PHD, February 2011, EMUŞerife BekarQ-matrix Summability MethodsDr. Hüseyin Aktuğlu
27,PHD, February 2011, EMUEmine ÖzerginSome Properties of Hypergeometric FunctionsDr. Mehmet Ali Özarslan
26.PHD, June 2010, EMUCem KaanoğluSome Properties of Certain Classes of PolynomialsDr. Mehmet Ali Özarslan
25.PHD, June 2010, EMUMustafa HasanbulliAsymptotic Behavior of Solutions to Nonlinear Neutral Differential EquationDr. Svitlana Rogovchenko
24.PHD, June 2009, EMUNil GürbüzParallel Additive Operator Splitting Methods for Parabolic and Navier-Stokes EquationsDr. LOAY B.Y. ALDABBAGH
23.PHD, June 2009, EMUSinem Fatma ErtürkKalman Filtering and Its GeneralizationsDr. Agamirza Bashirov
22.PHD, June 2009, EMU
Pembe Sabancıgil
Bernstein Type Operators Based On q-IntegersDr. Nazım Mahmudov
21.PHD, June 2009, EMU
Evren Hınçal
Cancer Modelling for North CyprusDr. Ufuk Taneri
20.PHD, February 2009, EMUHüseyin LortModelling and Analysis of Permutation Admissibility with CP-netsDr. Rza Bashirov
19.PHD, February 2008, EMUMustafa Tanel BabagilThe Development of Multi-agent Intelligent System for Production SCMDr. Rashad Aliyev
18.PHD, February 2008, EMUFatoş TuncayOscillation of Nonlinear Differential EquationsDr. Yuri Rgovchenko
17.PHD, June 2007, EMUSuzan CivalBlock-Grid Method for Solving Laplace's Boundary Value Problem on PolygonsDr. Adıgüzel Dosiyev
16.PHD, June 2006, EMUZehra Borataş SensoyThe Use of Young Programming in Selected Topics of OptimizationDr. Peter Kas
15.PHD, June 2006, EMUAhmet AdalıerNew Layouts for Multistage Interconnection NetworksDr. İbrahim C. Arkut
14.PHD, February 2006, EMU
Mehmet Ali Tut
High Stakes Testing Design Toward Measuring the Mathematical Performanceof Fourth GradersDr. Adnan Acan
13.PHD, June 2006, EMU
Mohammed  M.A. Matar
Approximate Controlability of Backward tochastic Evolution Systems in Hilbert SpacesDr. Nazım Mahmudov
12.PHD, June 2004, EMU
Arif Akkeleş
Criss-Cross Algorithms in Linear Optimization Dr. Peter Kas
11.PHD, June 2002, EMU
Mehmet Bozer
The High Accurate Composite Grids Method for Solving Laplace's Boundary Value Problem with SingularitiesDr. Adıguzel Dosiyev
10.PHD, February 2004, EMU
Murat Tezer
Cycle Decompositions and Labeling of GraphsDr. İbrahim C. Arkut
9.PHD, June 2003, EMU
Sonuç Zorlu
Controllability of Stochastic SystemsDr. Nazım Mahmudov
8.PHD, June 2002, EMUSevin UğuralOn Reduction of Wide Band Noise Driven SystemsDr. Agamirza Bashirov
7.PHD, June 2002, EMUAli DenkerControllability Concepts for Stochastic Control SystemsDr. Nazım Mahmudov
6.PHD, June 2002, EMUHüseyin AktuğluTopology Duality and Probability Measures in Colombeau AlgebrasDr. Uluğ Çapar
5.PHD, February 1999, EMUGökhan İzbırakOn Bregman Type Divergence Functions Dr. Peter Kas
4.PHD, February 1999, EMUYücel TandoğduEstimation of the Water Balance Related Parameters with Application to the Girne Range AquifferDr. Agamirza Bashirov
3.PHD, June 1998, EMUNidai ŞemiPrediction Problem for Linear Systems Driven by Shifted NoiseDr. Agamirza Bashirov
2.PHD, June 1998, EMU
Hüseyin Etikan
Smoothing Problem for Linear Systems Driven by Shifted NoisesDr. Agamirza Bashirov
1.PHD, June 1997, EMUDerviş SubaşıOn the Solution of the Biharmonic Problem by the FMG CycleDr. Daoud S. Daoud

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