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Department of Mathematics - Research Spotlight

Department of Mathematics - Research Spotlight
Published Date: Monday, 22 February 2021
Research Article: “APPROXIMATION PROPERTIES OF JAIN-APPELL OPERATORS"-Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics— December 2020
"In this paper, we introduce the Jain-Appell operators by applying Gamma transform to the Jakimovski-Leviatan operators. In their special cases they include not only the Jain-Pethe operators, but also new families of opera- tors, where we call them Appell-Baskakov and Appell-Lupa ̧s operators, since their special cases contain Baskakov and Lupa ̧s operators, respectively. We investigate their weighted approximation properties and compute the error of approximation by using certain Lipschitz class functions. Furthermore, we obtain their A−statistical approximation property.”
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